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Website Help: For Private Practice Therapists

If you're like me, you put a lot of effort and energy into providing the best help to your clients. Schooling, trainings, certifications, and more.

It's so important to keep honing our craft about how we engage with our clients in person.

And yet, we often aren't trained on how to engage with clients online.

As a result, when potential clients come across our websites, the way our sites are set up often don't lend towards clients reaching out. 

This is where I can step in and help. 

I'd love to work with you! Here's how I can:


I collaborate with you to build you a website from scratch. In doing so, I create you a site that is more likely to engage clients, and have them engage with you. 

Build-a-Website: $200

Existing Website: 'Diagnostic'

Maybe you already have a website, and yet, you aren't sure why clients don't call. I can offer a 30-minute consultation call to 'diagnose' what holds your website back from more engagement.

Website Consultation: Free!

More coming soon!

I love learning new trends; I've been researching what helps websites have more engagement. Reach out and ask me how I can help you.

Ask me about my Website Subscription service!

Rhonda L.

"Empowered by his own experience as a therapist, he was able to guide the process with both the client and therapist experience in mind."
Check out one of my more recent websites I've built for a therapist in Pennsylvania!

Emily A.

"I was able to envision my website and he went above in achieving it."
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