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Peace or Avoidance in Relationships?

Short video blog on relationships and addressing needs.

Recently I was taking a walk around the pond near my office, and I noticed especially that day how calm the water was.

Sometimes this is how it feels in our relationships.

Calm, quiet, and content. It's so great to be here!

Unfortunately, these times sometimes don’t last.

Things get more stressful, and when you try and talk about it sometimes it doesn’t get better.

If your relationship hasn’t had much peace it can be scary to rock the boat.

Check out this short video I made on this.

If any of this resonates with you and your relationships, I'd be happy to meet with you.

I get it-- You want the peace to continue. And in the past talking about it made it worse.

And yet, if there's something you need that would help you feel more content in the relationship, it's tough to keep that in long term.

I offer free 30 minute consultations, and here we could see if couples counseling could help your relationship.

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